Advice and analysis

Alongside image processing systems, mevisco also provides advice. Our range of services comprises: 

  • Visison consulting
    We provide advice on purchasing image processing systems as well as project planning help for your image processing projects.
  • Fesability studies
    In our laboratory we examine a problem and device on the feasability of an adequate solution, determine the framework conditions necessary and estimate the cost.
  • Integration
    Benefit from our practical experience in the installation of image processing systems and profit from our integration suggestions. Many integrations fail and/or cause avoidable costs because potential problems are overlooked during integration.
    For this reason, mevisco provides final customers with extensive advice in advance and develops the integration of image processing into the production process, if required right up to delivery and installation of the turnkey system.
  • Training and instruction
    Essential for successful and thorough problem-solving are not only technical aspects, but also on-site instruction or training of the operators. That is why mevisco provides training and instruction courses on image processing products and installed systems, on specific problem solutions and the subject of image processing. Thes courses are held either at our client´s facilities or at mevisco in German, English or other languages on request