Optical inspection of surfaces

There are many reasons why technical surfaces have to be checked to ensure they are flawless, meet required quality standards, or are suitable for downstream processes. Surface contamination for instance can cause significant quality problems in processes such as painting, coating, or adhering. Added to that, pressures to cut costs and to achieve zero-fault quality also make optical surface inspection systems a must.

This is where mevisco comes in. We have developed systems for a wide range of applications in optical surface inspection. Included here for instance is surface quality inspection of seals, or to establish the degree of contamination on surfaces.

Application example
The task In this instance, we delivered a system that checks the surface and manufacturing quality of number plates. Our solution continually inspects the plates during throughput with a rapid-action line camera. It detects not only typical faults such as foil bubbles and tears, but can also inspect and evaluate print and laser markings.

Inspection for

  • Bubbles Scratches
  • Foil cutting faults
  • Foil wrinkles
  • Print image position
  • Print image faults