Image processing systems

mips (mevisco image processing systems) are advanced systems based on cutting-edge computer technology. They enable to create optimized systems tailored to specific tasks.

The mevisco PariP function (parameterising in process) ensures your high productivity by reducing machine stoppage times. During the parameterising process, you don’t have to stop the production machine and subsequently start it up again. You can use a test mode to activate and evaluate changes, then seamlessly adopt them as required – all during ongoing production.

Project comparison
The mevisco CrossCheck function checks whether more than one project accepts a product. This function was developed in cooperation with our largest IML customer (100+ systems). Here’s how it works: one project each exists for a certain number of label types. When installing a new type, the new measurement, e.g. a pattern comparison, may be very similar to that for an existing type.

That’s when CrossCheck comes in: it determines whether the new measuring job also accepts as correct an already existing label type or project. In this way, it ensures each project recognises exactly one label type and each product is checked absolutely reliably. The function doesn’t just avoid errors in setting up projects, it also makes operators aware of areas in the images that may cause conflicts.

You can use the image saving function to create image sequences from the real production process that can then be fed into the offline version. The offline version comprises the complete software (without images being taken by cameras), so you can use it to train your staff and/or to optimise settings without disrupting the production process itself. The offline version can run on a contemporary Windows computer without restrictions.

The graphic user interface of the system is easy to use. Even non-specialists quickly get the hang of changing parameters for inspection jobs or adjusting settings.