mips preform and bottle inspection

From preform to blown bottle

From preform to bottle: mevisco offers specially optimised quality inspections for the entire production process - from preform to blown bottle.

Preform inspection

Machine rates of 70,000 preforms/h and the required high quality of the finished PET bottles demand precise, complete inspection of the preform quality in fractions of a second. We developed our mips inspection system specifically for these requirements:

  • Non-contact, 100% checking of up to 70,000 preforms/h (depending on the machine).
  • The inspection criteria include: length, shape, diameter, thread dimensions, blisters, holes, impurities, deviations of colour and intensity, injection point (length, depressions).

The bottle inspection system

We have optimised our mips image processing system as a high-speed inline inspection system specifically for the PET bottle industry. The system inspects every individual bottle and evaluates it according to the operator's settings - the ejector of the blowing machine ejects defective bottles. Next in line is visualisation of the inspections that make flaws recognisable at a glance.

Technical data at a glance:

  • User-friendly user interface
  • Process data visualization
  • Own user administration for individual access rights to the various inspection functions
  • Extensive protocol functions
  • Error image saving in the background
  • Demo mode: offline operation without camera connected
  • PariP (parameterisation in process) functionality
  • Remote maintenance option via ISDN or online
  • Recovery option: much shorter downtimes
  • Inspection software: off-centre inspection, contour inspection, length, shape, diameter, sealing face inspection, folds, opacity, holes, impurities, custom special functions
  • Setup mode for precise positioning, e.g. after maintenance