Four steps

Four steps to your image processing

Our image processing systems are based on powerful standard industrial components whose core is our software solution. From consulting to development, configuration and commissioning, to system support, you will receive all services from a single source.

In just four steps you get to your individual image processing solution - developed for your manufacturing environment, your products and your quality assurance requirements.

Please contact us
Our engineers discuss with you the task and your requirements. So we get a first impression of your problem and can coordinate with you the further procedure. You can reach us directly on this number +49 421 33 50 90 or send us an e-mail to

Send us sample parts
In a first interview, we will usually arrange with you to send us samples of the parts to be tested. Based on the patterns, we can then make a more accurate impression of your testing problem.

We identify possible solutions
In our laboratory, we examine possible solutions for your problem. We determine in test configurations how a reliable test and safe machine integration can be realized. We then discuss the possible solutions with you.

We make you an offer
We will make you a binding offer for your image processing solution and any necessary services.

If you convince our offer, the integration into your handling system and the commissioning and instruction of your employees follows through us. You can count on 100% quality control from now on.

We offer you the four steps to your image processing solution free of charge - because we are sure that our solutions will convince you.